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HDBM-30 Cable Fault locations Power


The HDBM-30/4 cable fault locations power is a mobiles equipment for testing and fault locating on high voltage cables. It can be used to prelocate general high resistance cable fault with TDR locator. It can output high pulse signal for pin-pointing.



  • DC-testing up to 30kV.
  • Pre-locating. Reflection measurement with TDR locator. 
  • Cable tracing (with HDL-1B pin-pointing equipment).
  • Pin-pointing (for main insulation locating).
  • Switch Power technique. Compact structure.
  • Hard carton. Rainproof ed. Convenient to carry. Easy to operate.


Technical Data

  • Voltage output: 0~30kV
  • Maximum burning current: 100mA
  • Discharge capacitance: 4uF
  • Maximum discharge pulse:1800J
  • Dimension: 38cm´38cm´79cm
  • Weight:105kg
  • Work power:50Hz AC 220V±15%